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CNBC presented recent economics impacting the golf industry and the impact of a decline in the sport. Is it really only because of Tiger? CNBC’s take:

With all the news of Rory’s success this weekend it has overshadowed Lydia Ko’s winning of the Marathon Classic. She’s surpassed $1 million in winnings at 17 years old!

Rory vs Rickie!

July 20th, 2014

Six shot lead. Is this in the bag? Or potentially a big upset? Rory looks unflappable. #OpenChampionship

Open Championship

July 18th, 2014

What a day for Rory and DJ. Exciting to see these two play head to head tomorrow. Could be dueling drivers! #OpenChampionship

Bend, Oregon! Lost Tracks Golf Course pro shop now stocks ReadyPutt Putter Covers. Putt with a clean ball every time!

When hitting a golf ball it’s important to hit down on the ball.  Often times amateurs think you need to swing up on the ball to get it in the air.  But it’s actually the opposite.

Here’s the swing thought:  The bottom of the golf swing is three inches in front of the ball.

Explanation: Think of the golf swing as a big circle.  The bottom of that circle would be three inches in front of the ball which means that the clubface would come in contact with the golf ball as the clubface nears the bottom of the arc.  The bottom of the arc is in front of the ball in the divot.

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Salute to our Troops

May 27th, 2014

It was a hot Memorial Day but out for a great cause. Thanks again to all that serve this great country. #strikeoutsfortroopsphoto

Happy Memorial Day weekend! ReadyPutt wants to thank all of you that have served and are serving this great country.

I was asked recently where did the name ReadyPutt come from.  It’s a combination of things.

1. This Putter Cover allows you to be Ready to Putt.  It carries everything you need! (Golf Ball Cleaner, Ball Marker, and Divot Repair)

2. ReadyPutt also aligns with the definition of Ready Golf.  Golfers (should) all know the definition of Ready Golf and the importance of expedient play.  ReadyPutt helps promote this effort by simplifying the experience on the green.  Grab your putter and everything is with you.

This 2014 Golf Season make sure you are playing Ready Golf and ready to putt with your ReadyPutt!


Whichever Tour you are watching, whether it’s the LPGA, the PGA,, or Champions the first thing you see a golfer do when they reach the green is mark and clean their ball.  Cleaning the ball is fundamental for golf pros as they understand that a clean ball is critical to ensuring that the golf ball rolls true when they putt.  Many amateurs putt with a dirty ball. The importance of cleaning your golf ball could be the difference between Par and Bogey.  When a golf ball is hit from tee to green it picks up dirt and grass stains along the way.  When these particles accumulate in and around the dimples of the golf ball it changes the weight of the golf ball, alters the flight and spin, and most importantly the roll.

Cleaning the golf ball when on the green is a rule every golfer should take advantage of.  Putting is hard enough as it is, you should remove every variable to make the putt easier.  Cleaning the golf ball can help lead to accurate putts and ultimately lower scores……something every golfer strives towards.  So the next time you are standing over a birdie putt and you are looking down at a grass stained ball, think twice before you make that stroke.


USGA Rule 21 states: A ball on the putting green may be cleaned when lifted under Rule 16-1b.

USGA Rule 16-1b: Lifting and Cleaning Ball: A ball on the putting green may be lifted and, if desired, cleaned….